Monthly Archives: December 2016


  We arrived in Canada on the 20th December 2016. It was like a fairy tale when I woke up and saw it snow covered. Just like the movies, only this is MY holiday at the moment. It was spectacular to see the house roofs, roads, cars and trees white, crisp and clean. Now I […]


Now we have little people that need two car seats, a double stroller, check-in luggage and a carry-on nappy bag packed to the rim with bottles of boiled water to last the entire 13 hour ¬†flight traveling from Hong Hong to Dallas USA. So many nappies and still I’m praying for no accidents, where we have poo up their backs and everywhere else.

END OF 2016

2016 for me has been a very good to me, my all-time wish to become a mother has been granted. It was not an easy road but it made it all worthwhile and an experience to be forever cherished.

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