Monthly Archives: September 2017

Family Planning

We moved to Hong Kong in 2013, and immediately fell in love with this country. It is completely different from what I was used to. High rise buildings, overcrowded towns, bustling with endless things to do! I loved it, life was good! In 2014, at age 34, we decided that my biological clock is ticking […]

Social media ….. do my kids feed my addiction

Social media has taken over our daily lives. Being without a phone, labtop, iPad is almost like your arm has been cut off. Feeding the addiction of just one more picture opload than the high of the beep sound when someone somewhere like your post …. all fireworks happens when they actually comment on your […]


Honestly I thought I still had time, the boys now are 16 months, and we are supposed to still have 8 months till 2 years. THE TERRIBLE TWO’S! The phase most of my mom friends have warned me about! Well my twins have started with their tantrums. Throwing themselves on the floor and smacking their […]


Firstly I have to apologise to followers that read my blog posts, it has been a while since the last post, the time just go so quickly and coping with the twins as they get older is busy but that should not be an excuse. A lot of times I do wonder if anyone actually […]

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