Monthly Archives: December 2017

Recap for 2017

Wow here we are at the doorstep of 2018. Just like all the years before 2017 disappeared so quickly and yet so slowly. Time for our new year resolutions, new beginnings and a fresh start. 2017 has been a productive and good year for us. There were not so good times now and than but […]

All I want for Christmas

I got asked the other day “Jacqui what do you want for Christmas?” I had to think for a bit, because I am a materialistic girl. I love over the top, I love bold and bright, I love glitz and glamour and I definitely love attention. My husband know my face will tell him if […]

Preparing for long haul trip with babies

We were so excited for our long awaited holiday to Botswana (Southern Africa). The last time I went home was in 2014 and that was without kids. We set sail Sunday 23 September. The last time we had a family trip was our holiday to Texas in December 2016 christmas-in-canada and travelling-with-twins This year traveling […]

I passed my Hong Kong driving licence

I am overwhelmed with happiness. It’s done dusted and I have it in my pocket. It has been a long, expensive road. I am an experienced driver in Botswana but unfortunately Hong Kong do not recognize our country’s driving licence so I had to do the whole process again. Normally when you have a learners […]

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