7 Tips to a successful business for Mumtrepreneurs

1) Love your job so that it feel like a you doing your hobby everyday.

I am an entrepreneur by heart. I absolutely love managing Aphrodite hair and makeup . It honestly gives me the greatest satisfaction that I am succeeding at what I love doing.

2) Represent your company with pride.

Now with a small business, you are the face of your “empire”! My clients know me and once they discover who I am and what I represent they will follow me anywhere, within reasonable distance obviously!

A good foundation, training or basics are the backbone of a start up company. It might take longer but the quality will speak for itself. As a hairstylist I depend on my regulars and for them to recommend me to their family and friends. When a client is happy it’s so easy for them to tell a friend but if she is not happy she will spread negative reviews.

3) Be humble.

I put I’m hands up, I don’t have a 💯 success rate. Sometimes I have to do damage control. I am only human and my way of work will not satisfy everyone, but it’s how you handle situations afterwards. After care is just as important.

Create confidence in your clients for them to know it’s ok to tell you if she is unhappy. Otherwise she will go somewhere else. Is easy to get new clients but harder to maintain old clients.

4) Know your worth.

A friend recently told me, Jacqui if you know your worth and you charge what is fair, you actually do more for your client, because when you get paid well you enjoy your job and you do it with pleasure! Underpaid people just get the job done and the worse thing is they probably hate it while doing it.

I sympathise sometimes those people might not have a choice as life needs living at any means.

5) Be flexible but not pushover.

I do have clients asking for discounts and I do consider it depending on the job but the total amount should not just be the motivation because you need you calculate your cost, time, preparation, products and the end result. If those costs are not covered, you are making a loss and when you are loosing out you will not be truly happy doing this job. What is worse, if you cannot pay your bills you will have to close your business eventually. Businesses survive only when they make a profit.

Stand up to a client that wants more for less. Tell them your worth they will appreciate you for it. When you get paid your worth you need to make sure you do a job worth paying for.

A scenario when you know your worth:

I totally LOL when my client told me this. She knew a stay at home mom who started a small baking business.

Once the baker had a client requesting a birthday cake, for what she wanted the baker gave her a quote. The client said: “No this too much, I will pay you this much”. She than put the money on the table and left.

The baker went to buy the ingredients and on the day of the event to took what the client paid for and delivered it.

The client: “……… what the hell is this”?

Baker: “That’s what you paid for”!

Client: “….. but this is just ingredients, where is my cake”!

Baker: “Well you didn’t pay for a cake, I gave you a quote for my time, expertise, planning, designing, effort and ingredients and you only paid for ingredients. So here is what you paid for, thank you and she left!

I know! Harsh right! Yep! But good on her!

We are all working for a better living, to provide the best for our family. Whether the service is from a street vendor or a big company.

6) Appreciate those who support you and making you successful.

I have to give a big shout out to my valued clients, if any of you are reading this, thank you for your support!

7) Lastly support another woman, encourage and motivate.

Any Mama entrepreneurs out there let me know what advice you found valuable to your business. What kind of business are you succeeding in?

Love 💕


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