A little update since my last post

Omg guys it had been so long since I have been on this blog. Life just got so busy and sometimes the things you love doing just gets pushed away and the fact that I might have had writers block.

Anycase here we are:

Boys birthday party

The boys are now 22 months, and I can’t believe that we are actually planning their 2nd birthday. Where has the time gone, they were tiny people just the other day now they telling me “No way Mama” !


If you are in the area come join us for some cake. 

Aphrodite hair and beauty 


I am very proud of my little freelance hair business I have created. It is doing really well only because of the support from the locals and their continued recommendations to their families and friends.

I wake up every morning feeling blessed that I can make other people happy simply by making them feel good about their hair. 


My birthday gift

I am now officially 38 and it’s a bit scary that 40 is staring me in the face but I’ll not dwell on that as I’m feeling fabulous right now and nothing like the present right?!

So as my birthday gift to myself I had my a scientific hand analysis done. The Elmz consultancy Go on, check out the link, it’s very interesting! Nothing woodoo woodoo or if I’m going to win the lotto, but more to discover if I’m on the right way in my career, through your finger and palm prints we can find you who you are meant to be on earth. 

I am an ARTIST, CREATOR, AUTHOR AND TEACHER. Things and trades I’ve already known about myself and personality. It was great to get the reconfirmation and validation. I’m an excited about my future of self discovery and how I am going to go about making them reality ….. anyway I’ll keep you posted! 


Searching for a Surrogate mom  in Hong Kong

Saving the best for last. Most of you know that I had an extremely difficult Pregnancy  because of my Chronic high blood pressure both boys and me are here and healthy through God’s grace. The thing is when you have created such cutie pies you want more! That and the fact that we still have 5 embryos in the fridge! Yes literally! No, not my fridge but one we are paying $6000 a year to keep them safe. 

We are looking for a Surrogate Mom. My humble request is to any woman staying in Hong Kong that can help us please get in contact! Well as they do say, if you don’t ask than you will not get an answer.

Keep us in your prayers! Xx

Love 💕








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