Double trouble coping with twins is very dear and personal to me. I started this blog after giving birth to my twins which was a rollercoaster pregnancy. I felt overwhelmed, anxieties and a bit depressed and writing my thoughts gave me a way out to process my feelings without being judged. I loved writing and updating about the babies progress to our fans but ultimately I loved the pages that always waited for me patiently.


My name is Jacquiline Hamilton. An African girl for the far land of Botswana. Botswana rich in culture, sun, wildlife and a calm peaceful nation. A land that captured the heart and soul of those who had the opportunity to visit her. One such person is my husband Graham Hamilton who could not resist taking a ray of sunshine with him for the last 9 years. A true Scotsman but an African at heart.


We have beautiful twin boys, Braedan Kgosi and Lachlan Mitsubishi Hamilton. Born prematurely at 31 weeks and five days on 9 May 2016 in Price of Wales Hospital, Hong Kong

This blog is my journey, daily chronicles and experiences coping with my twins.

I am a professional hairstylist, I love that I can work part-time and still enjoy staying home and entertaining the kids.

Although being a mom is very rewarding it comes with everyday chaos …….. nothing a glass of wine can’t fix!

Enjoy our journey with us.




Jacqui, Braedan and Lachlan