All I want for Christmas

I got asked the other day “Jacqui what do you want for Christmas?” I had to think for a bit, because I am a materialistic girl. I love over the top, I love bold and bright, I love glitz and glamour and I definitely love attention. My husband know my face will tell him if I am impressed or not!

So now, why did I take a moment to decide what I want for Christmas, because previously I would have known that answer already but I’m kinda not that bothered this year. Love if you read this I just don’t want any sort of teddy bear! I’m ok with sentimental this year, have I matured a bit out of my selfish ways, probably just a bit. My babies are in their own small way are working on my “I want this or I want that” attitude and making me more grounded. That’s maybe a positive influence on my husbands wallet.

(My babies first Christmas 2016)

So all I want for Christmas is to be surrounded by my boys. Giggles, drools and sloppy kisses. Never ending hugs. A bacon and eggs roll from my man and whatever surprises he has in store for me! Probably no time for sex as the nanny is off and we need to mind our own children in the morning.

Christmas, a moment where people are more caring, more generous, more happier, more forgiving, more present but a sad reality that all those qualities just vanish when real life set in again.

(Braedan 2nd Christmas 2017)

For Christmas Day we booked a fabulous family lunch buffet at the Langham hotel Lunch at Langham. A feast fit for a king. Now like I said about presents earlier I’m ok with whatever, but please don’t mess with me and my food. Love gets expressed through food. It represent family, togetherness and that fact that I love to eat, I appreciate food (funny face from my husband here) …. ok I’m a fussy eater. I don’t like cooked tomatoes, mushrooms, funny textures ….. but food is not food for me unless there is a piece of meat on my plate! Mmmm, did I mention that I am high maintenance? Well, I suppose my husband and friends who keep with me are used to my drama.

(Lachlan now)

Merry Christmas my beloved family, friends, followers and you that’s taking a bit of your time to read my posts.

Love 💕


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