Be your own remarkable

Today I come to King George V, ESF school for a meeting and I got greeted with this big yellow banner hanging from the fence …… BE YOUR OWN REMARKABLE! …..

Just what I needed to hear amid my crazy life just now. Who am I doing this for, why do I put myself through so much stress to achieve my goals and ambitious?

Than I realized that I do what I love and I am a mom that needs to lead by an example for my boys. I am proud of myself because taking risks and putting yourself out there into unknown is EXTREMELY scary. It takes guts to be your own remarkable! Not bragging, egotistical but it does not matter if someone think that I am, because when my anxieties for failure or sleepless nights overwhelm me, I am still choosing go ahead and carve my way to finding my own REMARKABLE!

My beautiful Aphrodite Hair and Makeup Salon opened on 10 September and my girl is officially one month old today. Super PROUD!

I have written a kids book, illustrations completed and going into print soon. Today I met Miss Lou Adams and her drama students who will as an assignment for a mark do the audio version for it! Super PROUD because you can achieve whatever if you believe you can!

A post all about my special book and its launch dates to follow soon.

Thank you to everyone how takes the time to read my post, like, share, comment and encourage me to better things.

We do love you and appreciate your support.

Love 💕


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