Blessing does not  just come in the things you wish for, want, or pray for! Blessing sometimes come in a simple smile from a stranger. Sometimes looking up from your phone and actually truly seeing someone can make all the difference in an otherwise stressful day, a day of sorrow, a day of hardships, a day when someone is giving up. That small insignificant act gives hope! Blessings is in the mornings we wake up. Blessings is being healthy. Blessings is seeing our children grow up and smile! Blessings are the sloppy kisses from my boys! Blessings is surviving my terrible high blood pressure! Blessings are my boys born prematurely and at all odds become my miracle babies.


Blessings is my husband surviving testicular cancer three times and become the father of twins. Blessings is the unique and amazing process of IVF. Blessings are those Drs devoting their lives to bring life. Blessings are those of us lucky enough to still have our parents with us. Blessings are family that support, love and pray for each other.


Blessings are friends that came and stay in our life’s. In times of self doubt they reassure you that you are an amazing mother. Blessings come from within when we accept that we are sometimes weak and need help. Blessings is  believing in a higher power and to have faith.


2016 was a blessing because I became a mother. To experience this overwhelming love for these tiny people is truly my blessing. We are blessed to have entered 2017 when so many valuable people just like us, lives were cut short. Blessings don’t come in materialistic possessions. Things that you can buy, and take for granted. Feeling blessed comes from a heart with gratitude. Feeling blessed is closing your eyes and saying THANK YOU GOD for I am favoured. I am loved. I have shelter. I have food on my table. I have my loved ones safe and not torn apart in war zones.


Stop complainting about what you don’t have and start appreciating what you do have. Someone else out there is praying for the basic advantages that we at times take for granted!

Be Blessed.


Jacqui 💕

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