Braedan and Lachlan turns 2!

With so much mixed emotions I am writing this post this morning. It is completely unbelievable that my monkeys are turning two today! How did we get here so fast.

I’m reading through the back and forth emails between us and the IVF specialists in 2015 leading up to the day we had our first consultation appointment.

How our miracles can be such a gift that keeps on giving us a purpose, determination, strength, good marriage, (can someone please tell me what’s is SEX again 🤔😂), patience (at the moment buckets of patience).

Their eyes, skin, arms, legs, feet (ok you get my drift) makes my heart skip a beat that God has given us this pleasure to be parents to the most gorgeous boys in the world ( Yes I’m totally Bias)!

Oh the tantrums are full on ….. all day long. They literally life on the floor at the moment. Sometimes I want to laugh so hard because it’s bloody funny, other times I’m looking at the clock and it’s only 11:30 am and “I’m like when is it nap time again”.

“Hi Mama” every morning they greet me when I walk down the stairs, these tiny words has such a profound impact on me. Tiny words that they say over and over and that makes me smile so hard, makes my eyes cloudy ….. just as much as looking at the STEAK my husband got me for my birthday dinner.

These boys don’t just bring love, laughter, silliness, friendship to us but to everyone that knows them.

We are soooooo looking forward to celebrating your special day with so many special friends we have made along the way.

Guys come on show your birthday wishes to my boys because I know they make you smile ever time you see a picture of them.

Thank you so much to everyone who always takes the time to read my posts and following us on our lifestyle journey.


We love you! 💕

Jacqui, Braedan and Lachlan

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