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Moving to a new house

It’s new year and we are starting with a new canvas. We have been in Hong Kong for four years and we are moving into our third address. Big, better, bolder but with a BIG price tag! Seriously Hong Kong …. HK$35 000, USD 4,474 for a three floor village house, BTW we got a […]

First Sunday market

I designed these cute cards last night! ❤️ My dream came true, it’s the beginning but the future is bright! Guys it was just so much fun interacting and meeting new and potential clients. People loved the multifunctional diapers bags. Btw you can see some African tableware there, that was from a previous attempt. I […]


There is going to be no one else that is going to look after your babies like you do! YES, not even your husband. I know I am with these babies everyday, from morning until he gets home. I know every small detail of their behavior; I know what they need before they even start […]

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