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8 year anniversary

Wow what can I say, we have reached yet another milestone! Ups and downs, joys and tears, sickness and in health, broke and with money on the credit card, we are still here together! Moving forward, setting examples for our children. This beautiful card I had designed to capture all our moments in one breath! […]

Family Planning

We moved to Hong Kong in 2013, and immediately fell in love with this country. It is completely different from what I was used to. High rise buildings, overcrowded towns, bustling with endless things to do! I loved it, life was good! In 2014, at age 34, we decided that my biological clock is ticking […]

Breast care … Why self checking is so important

I remember back in 2012, I lied on my back and carelessly thought let me do a self examination on my breast. To start I put my left  hand under my head than took my right hand using the pads of my fingertips I slowly used small circular movements from my nipple to the top […]


I’ve  been living with my BP for ten years and I only really felt the extreme dangers of it while I was pregnant with my twins. They put me in the extreme high risk pregnancy. I have never been so scared and stressed. But the possibility of loosing my boys was overwhelming. Even the professor that is a specialist high risk pregnancy referred to his handbook at times to see how far we can push and increase my medication.

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