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All things Braedan Kgosi Hamilton

My first born by three minutes. The day my boys were born, the nurses took away my glasses and as blind as a bat, I could not see my babies being wiped and checked right after they came out though C-section. Braedan as tiny as he was had some mega lungs on him. We did […]


Honestly I thought I still had time, the boys now are 16 months, and we are supposed to still have 8 months till 2 years. THE TERRIBLE TWO’S! The phase most of my mom friends have warned me about! Well my twins have started with their tantrums. Throwing themselves on the floor and smacking their […]

OUTDOOR MONDAY: Our day out at the rocky beach

This morning I woke up not sure what’s ahead for the day with these two busy monkeys of mine. We have been having unpredictable weather lately here in Hong Kong. Summer time does come with rain or as the observatory calls it “sunny periods and isolated showers ” in my opinion more like rain, humidity, extreme heat, it does feel easier to stay tucked in at home with a cool air conditioner blasting!


Honestly there is no magic or right way for raising our kids, we sometimes guessed,  googled, asked and fumbled at this thing called parenting  but we survived! My words of wisdom is to just trust in your ability to make the best decisions that suits your own family.

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