We arrived in Canada on the 20th December 2016. It was like a fairy tale when I woke up and saw it snow covered. Just like the movies, only this is MY holiday at the moment. It was spectacular to see the house roofs, roads, cars and trees white, crisp and clean.

Now I am not a person for the cold, I am the one that is always wrapped up even in summer! Here with an average of -2 every bone on my skeleton is complaining. It didn’t even matter that I was literally wearing my entire wardrobe!

Waiting for my hot chocolate and Tim bits at Tim Hortens


Outside in the snow.


We have been here a few days and I will not say I’m getting used to the cold, because I’m not, but the snow makes the winter here acceptable!

Christmas day was quite and relaxed, we ate drank and we were merry surrounded by family. This was the boys first Christmas and it was great to finally have a Christmas my with own little family. It was definitely a day to remember.

Meeting Father Christmas. Oh Braedan and Lachlan were so well behaved. Father Christmas name is also Lachlan.


Christmas with Nana.


With all the anticipation and fuss around Christmas done, the week waiting for new year seems really long. With it snowing at the moment driving seems a bit dangerous, with the babies in tow. So now we are catching up on sleep and watching fairy dust falling down slowly and magically through the window, while writing this is bliss!

I remember when we were in Canada a couple of years back in the summer, than we were still childless and had a jam packed itinerary. Coming and going was no problem. This time, the day starts at 2pm after all the showers, sorting the boys and their bag…. mind you, I forgot to pack the formula the last trip to the mall. My shopping cut short because they went mental on me. None of the shops had any formula for sale! Are you kidding me, a whole bloody mall. I really needed to fit on those shoes that’s been calling my name! Well lesson learned! Now I triple check.

I will not change any bit of my sometimes crazy life, because in all they are simply perfect!


Happy holidays.


Jagqui 💕

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