I have been counting down each of our little milestones for the boys. For me the biggest one was the day that I didn’t need to burp them any more. I am not sure exactly when I stop, but it sure felt like a big accomplishment. So we moved up the ranked of them holding their own bottles, eating smooth foods and now at eleven months we are meant to be on much more solids than we are. I have to bear in mind that they were born premature so we are officially at nine months to date.

I should not compare them with other people’s children, if you are a mom you will understand but if you are not yet one day when you have your own you will see it all comes to easy. We compare eating, sleeping, development, literally when mom’s have a coffee date we gossip about our children most of the date. These dates are very essential as for a new mom talking to veterans I find my support through tried and tested tips. Finding out someone else is struggling with their children to at times makes you feel less of a failure in your own parenting skills.

Yes coming back to my not so favourite time of the day is cooking healthy baby food, making sure I am feeding them organic well balanced diet, proofs to be more difficult than some baby cooking books makes it out to be. The cooking part is good, but trying to feed a baby that needs to eat but does not want to, you will find your patience stretched to it ultimate limit and than he (glory to God) he open his mouth to take one bite, you will feel like a baby food goddess until the next spoonful get rejected again and again and again! Tantrums and tears! Invisible steam will come out of your ears!

I normally take a bit of time out, forcing them to eat just makes matters worse, two against one, I am out numbered. It is sad when all your hard work does not get appreciated, but they are just babies also finding they way through different textures, tastes and emotions. Feeding time is a learning curve.

Tips as for make feeding time easier:


Easier said than done! Right! Loosing your patience will not get you any where close to what you are trying to achieve. So keep calm and relaxed, walk away for a moment than come back.


Standing in front of the stove for hours is not any one’s way of fun (unless you like cooking), but over time you learn what babies like to eat more. Try those foods hopefully eating will be easier but honestly it changes every time so happy guessing.


Act like an idiot if you have to, a few spoonfuls are a treat for you to.


Haha while they still are under your roof you are the cooking wizard.

I have have been finding inspiration from this kids meal book for easy, tasty foods. We have had great and not so great responses from the babies

I always make sure we have everything ready for the eating battlefield, babies good and strapped in their seats, facing TV for distraction, wipes, food, water, toys, me planted on the floor with weird noises from my mouth all in the attempt for a smooth lunch or dinner time. Feeding each alternatively! Mind you it’s not all bad at times. We do work together in harmony sometimes! I love it when they open their mouths like little birds. Food smeared everywhere, smiling at me that’s I am in heaven. Than coping with twins is easy. The good the bad and everything in between.

That’s parenting one on one for you, it’s not a fairy tale, Facebook and Instagram sees the beauty to dealing with twins and their chronicles! Don’t even get me started on getting ready for bed times but behind close doors we learning as we go. Sometimes making stupid mistakes like giving the babies something they not capable of chewing properly yet and almost choking. Than parenting comes real. No parent ever in their right mind will harm their child. But with all our good intentions and precautions they still smack their heads against the floor. They still pokes each other’s eyes by accident. Even as parents we get frustrated and annoyed with each other’s way of dealing with the kids, no one talk about general family struggles maybe for fear of being judged or classified as not a good parent. Only through disagreements and discussions can we come to a common ground of rearing kids.

None the less, we have so much fun raising our boys. They are what we hoped for: love, excitement, joys, frustration, tantrums and all round beautiful family times.

Happy feeding times.


Jacqui 💕

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