Daddy taking his boys on his childhood travels.

Today my husband, Graham was so reminded about his carefree childhood as he played with his boys. Not caring about back aches later he totally immersed himself.

Although the boys are still young they remember that you were there, they remember your laughter and they will definitely remember your happiness.

We had such an amazing day at St Marie’s loch, real family time. The boys definitely love every moment they have here on their homeland and spending quality time time with Aunty Fiona.

Honestly can can Scotland get more enchanting!

You cannot come to the Borders of Scotland and not visit this. St Mary’s Loch is the largest natural loch on the Scottish Borders, and is situated on the A708 road between Selkirk and Moffat, about 72 km south of Edinburgh.

This little paradise is also home to bikers stopping to have their lunch touring through the country roads of Scotland. Dressed in think leather gear to brace the Scottish weather and bikes so big and fancy they are competing with each other.

Stunning and so relaxing. Skipping stones on the river was awesome. Glorious weather by Scottish standards I didn’t need a scarf.

Today we are of to the Lake District.

Love 💕


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