Oh my goodness! Phew! Let me breath! It has been a while since I wrote my last post. It has been a crazy house for a while! Being a mom of now 5 month old twins, and a wife to a recovering husband and owning a dog, that both had operations recently, is tough! I just simply forgot which day was which, the hours were just disappearing into weeks.

When you have been running around like a headless chicken survival mode sets in. The adrenaline takes over, tiredness you do not feel, somehow you get it all done without a flinch! Then one night by yourself you watch a stupid emotional drama and a glass of wine and the tears the size of Victoria Falls, comes to keep you company! It was a good cry, a means of release, a reset button.

Coping with the boys is a bliss, we have our routines. Or rather my routine is that everyone is getting forced to make things work…. and they do sometimes but other times I am just a mom running around the schedules of my babies. My reward … the sound of their noises when they are talking to each other, priceless!!! I sometimes just sit watching them lying on their mat absorbed into each other. Holding hands with big toothless smiles. Happy babies!! I cannot the describe the gratitude that I feel being surrounded by my little family, I am indeed a lucky girl. With cellphones, media and internet taking over our daily lives, you can forget to look up and appreciate what is right in front of your eyes, to really take the time and be part of my boys small developments is crucial for me!

I my friends always ask, “How do you cope with twins?”

I just do, I am used to it now. Probably the same as other moms that have a toddler and an infant or kids in their terrible two’s. Whatever the situation we make it work. I suppose right now I do not need as much wine to survive but I am keeping an open mind. Life is good because we have good team work.

With twins I have gathered that it is hard not to compare them, and a mom friend with twin girls kin of confirmed that, that is the done thing for the rest of your life. You just need to find a good and healthy balance. You will compare them, they eventually will compare themselves and outsiders will definitely put in their five cents to.


• Is now the expert in rolling over, with this very satisfying look of accomplishment on his adorable face when he is done.

• Short straight, gingery hair.

• Brown eyes.

• Feisty with lungs that go from 0-60rpm, in 30 sec.


• Has developed tears, glorious tears that now stream down his handsome face when he need to get something urgent across to me.

• Beautiful blond wavy hair.

• Blue eyes.

• Gentle, laid back and can entertain himself.

Their unique differences are what make them each so adorable. Their own personalities that I will nurture and help develop into beautiful young men one day.

It is a busy, crazy life but it is my reality tv show.


Jacqui 💕

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