Oh how I wish babies came out with a manual on how to deal with situations as they come along. From teething, trying to cook solids and baby hate my food, baby keeps standing up and banging it head against something regardless of all my safety efforts, babies getting sick when do I rush them to hospital and when do I chill if the temperature is borderline. All these things is all up to you as a mom. Trying to figure out what is right for my baby and situation .

These last two weeks has been particularly exhausting, full and stressful. Lachlan got sick first. So by all means we try for Braedan not to get sick, but to no avail. Braedan go sick and end up with a high temperature and fever. That’s the deal with a household full of children, everyone will get sick until it ran its course. So now just as we thought, ok we managed that well. We are all getting on healthier ground, Lachlan’s temperatures kept rising. I gave him Calpol hoping he will sleep and feel better. An hour later his temp had raised to 38.9 degree Celsius. With night time falling and we decided to take him to the A&E department.


His temperature were still getting higher so the Dr admitted him to do follow up tests in case there is something else causing the fever to persist. X-rays and blood test done. A urine test showed that there was in fact an infection. My poor baby got  urinary tract infection. Symptoms include fever, constant crying as urination is painful, unexplained, persistent irritability. I felt so guilty that my baby is unwell. Did I do something wrong to let this happen.  Not sure why because I will never do anything intentionally to hurt them.


We we stayed for four nights in the hospital while he got his intravenous antibiotics. Totally oblivious to what is happening he thought his cannula is a toy! Flicking his hand back and forth so the little tube can dangle in front his face!


So small and fragile my heart is in pieces that I cannot kiss him better. He was still in good form regardless of what he is going through, my little brave guy! All he wanted was extra cuddles from mama!

I slept the the hospital to make sure he was not lonely, that he got fed, gave him his medicine and changed often. The nurse checked his temperature and oxygen every hour, which means both of us never had a really good sleep. Looking around at all the other moms that were in the same ward, we all had the same expression of hope that my baby was going home that day. It was tough! Omg! Honestly sleeping on that chair that thousands of parents have sat on, just like me, worn through to the bare bone was the most uncomfortable I have ever been, but my babies face smiling at me was the best reward!

Our nanny took care him during the day and my husband was with him for a while after work until I returned for night duties. We were in the public hospital so nursing staff limited. This would not been so tiring if it was one baby but with twins it was around the clock work. One in the hospital and a very busy and active baby at home!


But we survived!

He got discharged once the Dr got the results back that he is good, and fever under control. It was a happy moment to have my little family under one roof again. Probably any parents worse nightmare is to have your babies sick or in hospital.

Hoping that our stint in the hospital was our last, for the cold and fever we might run into them again.


Jacqui 💕


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