END OF 2016

2016 for me has been a very good to me, my all-time wish to become a mother has been granted. It was not an easy road but it made it all worthwhile and an experience to be forever cherished.

Looking at my boys growing steadily is like opening a present everyday to discover all the small changes. The other morning I just happen to rub Lachlan’s gums and to my surprise I felt a tooth cutting through! The poor soul got such a fright, because his crazy mom when into a celebratory screaming fit! Braedan is on the verge of crawling! OMG! You are growing up to fast! I am soooo excited and overwhelmed! The best part is their ever smiling faces. Loving the attention!

This month of December they had their final development checkups for 2016. Braedan got such a good health report, thinking back that he was the weakest link for a long time. Drs always said that he was too small and not growing like this twin. After birth he needed a bit of assistance breathing. He could not tolerate milk so he was on TPN (Total parental nutrition. This is a method of feeding through the vein when someone cannot eat through the mouth) for longer and used to cry his lungs out from hunger. He needed a little more special attention than Lachlan, he was just such a fragile baby!

Look at him now! Active, healthy and the first the roll over and keeping  his head high like a corbra with pride!

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