First Sunday market

I designed these cute cards last night! ❤️

My dream came true, it’s the beginning but the future is bright! Guys it was just so much fun interacting and meeting new and potential clients. People loved the multifunctional diapers bags.

Btw you can see some African tableware there, that was from a previous attempt. I bought those products in the beginning of 2016 but the they never showed up. I actually thought that I lost them forever in the mail but as faith had it, it showed up one day out of the blue on December 30th!

We had a great reception, great stall location, awesome weather, amazing turnout of families and I recovered all my expenses for the day!

I am looking forward to the next one, with more interesting, innovative and educational products and clothes for babies and kids!

Thank you lovely people for your support!

Love 💕


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