Firstly I have to apologise to followers that read my blog posts, it has been a while since the last post, the time just go so quickly and coping with the twins as they get older is busy but that should not be an excuse. A lot of times I do wonder if anyone actually do read me stuff and what do they think ….. Am I good writer? Is my content engaging, useful and enjoyable? Sometimes giving ourselves credit takes a lot of guts because it is much more easier to criticise. Honestly our own negative thoughts will have you throw all your ambitions away.

*I’m not good enough

*I’m not clever enough

*I don’t have the finances, time or resources to start a project.

Sometimes you got to start at the bare minimum and work your road to success.

The most important part is to give myself the acknowledgement and credit that I have taken the initiative to begin. The beginning is the easiest part though it is the perseverance and the attitude to keep going against all odds that is the challenge.

One year ago I started this blog, because I felt alone and depressed after giving birth. The pages of my blog was always encouraging and waiting patiently. I think both my husband and I thought it’s a phase and I’ll not keep it up but here we are now!

One of my my not so good qualities is that I start a project but than I get bored or loose interest. So I do a lot of pep talking to myself. Think positive!

We have have all been at the exercise dilemma where you have made up your mind to start exercising on Monday. You get geared up, excited, full of new confidence than come Monday morning you cannot even get out of bed! Telling yourself you will do it tomorrow and so it carries on with no action.

I spoke to some of my mom friends about how hard they criticise themselves. It is a problem most of us have. Am I good mom, friend, wife? It’s only when you talk to other people do I realise as humans we all struggle with the same problems different scenarios.

The other day I went out with a friend, at the end she was overwhelmed and emotional. To me, I just thought we were out having a good time, but to her going through a tough time now, she was out with a friend that listened, didn’t judged her actions and circumstances. A lot of time people like to talk to total strangers because someone that is not familiar with our problems listens better and don’t criticize and sometimes you will not see them again. No strings attached… but it is great to have a friend that you can all on any time you need them. The catch though is if you want a good friend you have to be one in return. You might not think that you are having a positive effect by being in people’s life but YOU DO! YOU ARE AWESOME IN YOUR OWN WAY!

Taking care of yourself is just as important, you need to give your self the credit and self love that you deserve to be spoiled. You deserve the best! Why do we work, sure there are lots of other important issues that you can spend some money on in your household but why not on you. Feelings of guilt can stand in your way to to a salon and get your hair, a luxurious massage or that beautiful dress you saw in the window! You are important, know your worth. Your family don’t judge you because when you are happy everyone else is too.

You are worth it!


Jacqui 💕


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