How Mama got her groove back!

Wooheee goodness! I have not be on here since last year October. It’s just been full on and I have been at breaking point so taking time of from social media was a bonus.

For the first time since I have my family I will be leaving my boys and husband for a few days to go on a 5 days and 4 night mindful detox retreat at The Farm. I realised just how out of balance I am and trying to juggle it all is not possible without balance. I am going away to reset.

Over the last few months I have been working with a Life coach, Nutritionist, Naturopath, Tapping and Reiki specialist and always talking to God to get healthy and to a place of calm.

It has been hands on work to change my mind be come from a place of desperation, sleepless nights, anxieties and scared of death to a path of self love and a journey to mindfulness and balance.


My little salon Aphrodite Hair and Makeup is doing really well. I am so blessed to have this successful business. I owe it to my own dedication, hard work, the support of my husband and each and every client that walks through my door. It does not come easy hence I become so overwhelmed with my busy professional life, the book, kids and life in general.

Taking care of ourselves is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Through meditation and a bunch of other self help methods I am in a happy place now.


Sometimes in order for you to get over your fears you need to do something scary … I’m not saying death defining stuff but broadening you comfort zone. This book and promoting it has taken my to speaking in front of class rooms full of kids and teachers. I am not a shy person but I am scared of getting up and speaking in public and failure of keeping people engaged and interested in what I have to say. Once I had most of the room walked out on me …. dear god that was crashing but such a BIG learning curve! We only learn from failure unfortunately!

Slowly I am getting approached by schools to readings and to inspire the kids that anything is possible. It truly is! Only your mind is your limit!

My book is now available in 10 stores around Hong Kong Bookazine and Kidnapped Sai Kung


Oh goodness! My boys just turned 3 years. It’s really unbelievable how time goes by so quickly. Their vocabulary has increased 10 fold and the attitude is honestly both cute and frustrating! They will be starting school in August, I can’t imagine their tiny legs in school pants.

Thank you God for the health of these two gorgeous boys

I think sometimes when all is seemingly going well, and you are meant to be happy but instead you are overwhelmed we tend to feel guilty for for feeling like this. It’s not your fault, life gets the better of us.

The aim is to recognise these feelings not bury them. Work on your mind, body and soul to change your mindset.

Inner peace peace is a state of mind. Believe it and the universe will work with you!

Love 💕


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