I passed my Hong Kong driving licence

I am overwhelmed with happiness. It’s done dusted and I have it in my pocket.

It has been a long, expensive road. I am an experienced driver in Botswana but unfortunately Hong Kong do not recognize our country’s driving licence so I had to do the whole process again.

Normally when you have a learners license you can drive with an experience driver to gain confidence and experience but HK do not allow that. The only way a learner can access the roads is to hire a driving school that is registered at the transport department. The demand is so high that the price is the limit for these businesses.

At at hefty HK$630 per 45 minutes and it is compulsory to do two back to back sessions it’s a complete nightmare. Than dealing with the high traffic condition is a challenge.

I had 3 previous attempts all ending up in disappointment, but this time I went in fully prepared. 7 consecutive days of 2 lessons, very focused and determined.

I am not scared of challenges, but when you have failed a few times anxieties and doubts sets in. These are probably the biggest challenges to overcome, our own inabilities. Turning I can not, into I can! 50/50 change of passing or failure! I choose success!

Honestly I took God into the car that morning. I didn’t see the instructor but I felt God’s reassurance. You got this Jacqui. You have practiced. You are capable. You are a success.

At Resurrection Church, very Sunday mass, we have a wonderful, anouncement for birthdays and anniversaries. Pretty scary to go up in front of the church to read a bible verse and than get prayers but it feels great to receive those blessings.

This year for my anniversary my bible verse has been my guidance through a lots of ups and downs. Achievements and goals and it continues to inspire me every day.

Philippians 4:13

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!!

Simple yet powerful!

Whatever you think you cannot do, you can ….. it is always possible through Christ!

Love 💕


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