It’s no more a baby fat tummy

It’s now been two years and I can honestly no more say that I just had twins when I look at my tummy in the mirror. My stomach is bigger than my eyes and what my eyes see my mind will not rest until that fat, greasy junk crosses my lips. Than, that temporary guilt after demolishing the food that’s making me hate my stomach!

Oh yes, I have corset that when worn the food just stay in your throat. Long legged shape wear to suck in all the loose bits and make your ass look like a 30 year olds. High waisted panties to hide the muffin top. Disguised in miracle in underwear I do look good with the clothes on but once I’m standing naked by myself I feel like a fraud.

With my full bloomer lingerie at the moment I think am not envious of those wearing g-strings, unless for an immediate on and of situation because I’m done stinking a finger so far up my bottom to pull that string back to where it’s not occupying my brain with discomfort!

I am being hard on myself, but I also need a wake up call especially with my my chronic high blood pressure . I am happy and proud of myself that I have come to a serious decision to take control of my eating and exercise habits.

What’s my action plan to a flatter stomach where my boobs can take centre stage again? Of course it will not become a reality just looking at those “perfect” girls on Instagram. Yes, I know better not to compare myself, but this social media encourages this behaviour.


* I’ve stopped drinking Coke at work

* I’m taking packed lunch

* Started to walk to work again …. 45 minutes in total

* Im investing some hard earned money on a personal trainer that’s coming to my house. Firsts session done this morning.

* A little bit more greens on my plate than my lifeline of red meat

*Im going to kind to myself


I don’t want to loose weight, my aim is to get fit and toned.

Weight 58kgs

Bust 90 cm

Waist before eating 58 cm and after 89cm 😳 need to work on those portions. Goodness I’m in for a tough time!

Hips 104 cm

PS, I am realistic and have a long term goal. It will not be an all smooth road ahead but I am determined to succeed. I’ve got till December to slowly get myself to a flatter stomach and toned body. I’ll be flaunting my bikini body in Winter! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Keep your fingers cross for me and good luck with your own weight and fitness journey.

Love πŸ’•


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