Making a dream a reality

Ever since I remember I always sold something, sweets, ice lollies, underwear, hair extensions, gift wrapping, no name it, I probably tried it or thought of trying it, I actually raised money baking scones and doughnuts which I sold to small cafe’s for one year age 22, the money I saved, I used to book my first plane ticket to South Africa and paid my tuition fee deposit to study and become the hairstylist I am today.

Age 26 I opened my first actual salon called Buzz hair and beauty in Maun, Botswana my hometown and made it successful for three year until I sold it to move to Tanzania with my than fiancé. As an Aries I am an impulsive person, I jump first than I think “Oh shit, what have I done” This personality comes with pros and cons:

Generally I am not scared to take risks and go after my ambitions but they have come with lots of tears, excitement, rewards and My chronic high blood pressure problem


I have used money I don’t have on projects, time and effort for my ideas to turn into nothing!

But I always keep on going!

It might not have happened yet but my light at the end of the tunnel is waiting for me!

What I can say about my adventures trying to be an entrepreneur is NEVER GIVE UP!

Braedan my curious monkey

After 9 years with me Graham (the husband) kinda gave up on my money spending, forever new ideas, failed attempts, do first and think later, hustler, wheeler-dealer kinda wife, but he somehow is the BEST husband a girl need. He makes me feel invisible, powerful and always make sure to tell me he is;

Proud of me or that I can do anything. Sometimes I think he has more faith in my abilities than I believe in myself!

Whatever it is, it needs to be a passion!

Anyway getting back back to my title: Making a dream a reality

My adorable son Lachlan

I started double trouble coping with twins blog because I felt alone, overwhelmed and kinda out of my mind for a while after spending eight weeks in the hospital during my pregnancy.

One year since my dedication to the blog I am working on setting up an online shop for it! Pole Pole! (This is a Tanzanian Swahili word meaning slowly slowly!

So I let the cat out of the bag! Only because shared stress is also shared rewards ….. and also as our online support we need some of your good and positive vibe!

Tomorrow we have our first outdoor market introducing a few products: Diaper bags, clothing and other bits and pieces to the local market. Discovery Bay Sunday Market. If you are in Hong Kong and reading come visit us at stall 62

What are your dreams and aspirations for 2018 and what’s strategies are you taking to reach them?

I would love to hear from you?

Love 💕


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    • Doubletroublecopingwithtwins says:

      Thank you so much lovely! You are so right, all experiences are learning curves!

      Have a great week ahead! x

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