Manicure at Sabai Day spa

Not often do I take time for myself between work and motherhood, but it is so necessary to sometimes put ourselves first. Do you know that when you feel relaxed, taken care of and refreshed you are a better mother. I feel less frustrated and short tampered with all the chaos that the boys create when I had time out to get pampered.

Linda at Sabai prides herself by offering the best manicure. From clipping, trimming, exfoliating and a glorious hand massage you will feel like you are on a stretcher by the ocean relaxing for a few minutes. A quiet ambiance and a huge variety of nail varnishes is very girls dream.

Quick dry Celiac, dip power nails, vibrant OPI, dreamy Essie colours are on the menu.

Bring a friend with a champagne if you are celebrating or our your daughter for some bonding time and have a girls nail spa day, nothing but tranquility and love to feel relaxed and refreshed.

Sabai have been in Sai Kung for 20 years with a huge loyal customers following, just proof that Linda is highly appreciated and supported

Sabai-Day-Spa offers a huge selection of facials, massages and waxing

Call Linda on +852 9310 8509

Happy pamper day!

Love 💕


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