Moving to a new house

It’s new year and we are starting with a new canvas. We have been in Hong Kong for four years and we are moving into our third address. Big, better, bolder but with a BIG price tag! Seriously Hong Kong …. HK$35 000, USD 4,474 for a three floor village house, BTW we got a bargain for Hong Kong standards where it’s OK to pay through your ears for property!

We are super happy with the new find. I’m looking forward making it into a home for the Hamilton brood. I’m generally a home plant and tree murderer (honestly I’m not sure why my plants don’t survive, maybe too much or to little water or maybe the fact that I forget to feed them!) but I will rise to the challenge to get some nice wholesome greenery into my house.

We are moving five minutes from our current Che Ha Village to Sai Keng Village. I’m hoping to make friends with the neighbours and continue playgroup dates with other babies.

Well as you can imagine our house is a cluttered mess, with boxes all over the place. The moving company is coming on Saturday, we’ve had the handyman over to fix the curtain rails and hang up some pictures!

There’s at least two monkeys that are having fun with all these boxes!

We were at the new house till 11am last night hanging and sorting the curtains and we are still far from done! Anyone who has moved will know what we’re going through now!

I’m very excited!

View from the rooftop

Update soon!

Love 💕


3 thoughts on “Moving to a new house

  1. Astrid says:

    Haha, I have moved with the family during married life 15 times. Yep, know all about it.
    Good luck. Looking forward to see your new home. Very good deal indeed. X

  2. The Grace Haven says:

    Do you have any tips on moving with twins? A move may be on our horizon, so I started packing up our non-essentials and now all my one year old twin girls want to do is chew on the boxes. While this is often hilarious, I’m running out of ways to keep boxes from them.

    • Doubletroublecopingwithtwins says:

      Hi so sorry for my delay. Honestly I was in the same boat. It was a nightmare to keep them away from the boxes but I did have one box that I put their toys in for distraction. Hope the move was smooth if you have done it already.

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