My best Yogurt parenting hack

Guys although yogurt is a healthy snack, omg it’s also the messiest treat for toddlers. Normally I just feed them because I can’t be bothered with the cleaning up afterwards. I know they should learn the arm, hand and mouth movements but there is plenty of time ahead.

Outdoors trick

When you are outdoor and a lot of times you probably forgotten a spoon this trick comes in very handy. They can explore and snack at the same time!

Punch a hole in the lid of the yoghurt cup, insert a straw and enjoy! Clean baby and a chuffed Mama. That’s a win win situation!

At home trick

I got these awesome reusable ice lollies moulds from Ikea. With Summer time here we are going to get creative with refreshing snacks for the boys.

Yoghurt and two moulds

Scoop yoghurt into ice lolly holder.

Than seal and freeze overnight.

Once lollies are set they can be used as a lightsaber!

Very happy, entertained babies!

Works like a dream until ………

I do not guarantee a happy ending!

Any parenting hacks, tricks and advice you like to share with us, please let us know!

Happy Summertime!

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