As far as I can remember, I have been day dreaming about my baby. Back then I didn’t know that God was going to bless me with two special people. Having the honour to be pregnant and giving birth was unbelievable. I envisioned my days holding my boys in my arm and cuddling them. I marvelled in my imagination of parenthood. Now they are here and my excitement is overwhelming.

Every morning I wake up (even after a chaotic night) to see them looking at me, recognising my face and greeting Mamma with the biggest smiles, my perfect smiles, perfect faces, perfect little human beings in every possible way! I count their toes, I kiss those pink little heels, little pudding bowl tummies, clenched little fists that smell of sour milk, pouty lips covered with drool! A full baby body kiss that I try to remember because my boys are growing out of their babyhood. The small onesies are proof that I cannot freeze time, reserve them in this baby bundle state, yet I want them to grow so I can enjoy all the other joys they have in store for me.

Yesterday after their shower, I can already fit them into a t-shirt and shorts, when did this transition happen. I am here with them everyday, I see them growing, changing into babies no more infants. I am forgetting just how tiny they were, now and than I go back into the drawers to check their first baby clothes….. And I have a profound gratitude that my boys are healthy.

We had our first Halloween as a family. It was such pleasure as the events planner of my house to go out and search for our costumes. It was suppose to be Spider-Man, Superwoman, super and spider babies. Daddy’s superman costume was a bit to tight. Which was disappointing, but he did look ridiculous in it, so my laughing fit looking at him was a good reward for my effort. Plan B, he ended up being a Zombie!


“See Mama I can fly”!


I think after saving the world they were a bit tired of smiling, which leaves me looking like a cat that had cream. 😍😂

It was a delicious scary Halloween. Now I’m looking forward to next year’s excitement, candy and treats already!

Talking about our milestones and special moments, from birth, to coming home from NICU, gaining weight steadily, focusing on objects, rolling back and forth, taking the dummy out and putting it back into their mouths again, chewing their fingers because they are teething is a lot of happy moments rolled in one!

We have been through an incredible journey so far, a sweet life experience that we were blessed with!

The journey most mankind thrive and exist for …. to become PARENTS!


Jacqui 💕

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