Our days are getting more and more busier. The boys moving and crawling around all over the house we needed to safety guard it. The handyman come over and we had the TV fixed, shelves mount to the walls, sharp objects removed and placed on higher ground. Tiny people are really so fast and busy that I can’t take my eyes of them for to long and they will be tucked in a corner. Always reaching and searching! Such a curious bunch! I love it, it does drive me a bit crazy at times but we have the “time out chair” for just a moment of peace.

At nine months our activities have to be more engaging and entertaining to keep their attention. So the other day I came across this awesome second hand ball pit and these two are in love with it! Playing outdoors when I was a child brings back fond memories, and that’s what I want for my boys. To remember the days outside in the sun.

It is amazing seeing Braedan and Lachlan growing into their own people. Braedan the Mr busy. OMG! This baby has energy for hours, loves talking and attention. Lachlan, always my gentle soul, quite and reserved! Sometimes getting bullied by his older brother since he cannot crawl yet. But no rush, he will get there in his own time.

This is Year my New Year resolution was to get more outdoors with the boys. It is all to easy get stuck in the house watching TV, so I have been making an extra effort to keep my promise to myself. Hiking, going to the rocky beach close by the house. It does not have to big expensive stuff. Nature has a beautiful life waiting outside.

The opportunities are endless spending quality time outdoors with the boys. They love the new experiences looking at trees, feeling the sea water, grass, sand (not that, that is abundantly in Hong Kong) but I try to get them dirty! What does not kill you makes you stronger!

Although we are constantly cleaning and tidying up, there comes a point where you just give in! There are babies in this house, babies comes with rumble and chaos, but babies also comes with playtimes, exploring and the ability to have an interest in one toy but the whole toy box needs to be all over the floor. So mom relax and have fun with my boys instead.

Have fun exploring.





















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