OUTDOOR MONDAY: Our day out at the rocky beach

This morning I woke up not sure what’s ahead for the day with these two busy monkeys of mine. We have been having unpredictable weather lately here in Hong Kong. Summer time does come with rain or as the observatory calls it “sunny periods and isolated showers ” in my opinion more like rain, humidity, extreme heat, it does feel easier to stay tucked in at home with a cool air conditioner blasting! Nope but it does not work with pre toddler stage, that energy needs to get burned off otherwise we end up all miserable and irritated.

Breadan and Lachlan decided to change their sleeping schedules now. One nap a day at 11am for about two hours, then they are up and down till 8pm at night. That is a lot of hours to entertain small people! The great outdoors, local parks or swimming pools does get us all so tired that it makes for a great and good night sleep.  

We are very lucky that these guys do sleep well at night from 8pm till 6:30am. It almost feel like our pre children days except for now and than they like to remind us not to get to comfortable. At 7pm we are getting ready for bed and it is honestly the craziest time of the whole day, dinner, bath time, crying, kicking and screaming murder! These babies are so strong trying to dress then and changing nappies…. OMG I turn into Steve Irwin wrestling with bloody alligators. For your own safety do not visit this house at this time!

So for the lighter side of parenting these two:

Today we went to the rocky beach 5 mins from our house. It was an awesome day, no rain, but we did take the umbrellas just in case. Watching the wave coming in and going out was just mesmerising. Makes for a great way to meditate surrounded by the tranquility and slight breeze that very moment.The boys were so well behaved the afternoon felt like a slice of heaven. “We got dressed up for a mini photo shoot, just because our Mama is a drama queen”






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