Honestly I thought I still had time, the boys now are 16 months, and we are supposed to still have 8 months till 2 years. THE TERRIBLE TWO’S! The phase most of my mom friends have warned me about! Well my twins have started with their tantrums.

Throwing themselves on the floor and smacking their hands on the tiles! “Ouch that was painful, hopefully you will not do it again”, but history repeats itself a couple of times throughout the day! Is there a thing like premature tantrum stage… Lord have mercy because we will be in for some tough times. Double trouble coping with twins.

It is funny how they wind themselves up in such different ways, Braedan he has some Scotish fury in his genes because this child is a mini expert in showing his dislike and anger. Screaming, head banging and fist clenching drama! Red faced minion looking for something to hit in frustration. Is this even normal?

Lachlan never like falling or feeling physical hurt, that is why he took so long before he was confident enough to walk. Throwing himself on the floor is not an option. He is a biter …. when he dig is teeth into your flesh it’s like you are on a life and death struggle with an crocodile. Once he is done, he carries on playing as if nothing happened! The burning sting afterwards is excruciating…. Poor Braedan has been the recipient of this torture! Any advice Mom’s out there? How do I handle a biter or educated a baby this is not right.

I am on radio mode of saying NO with a stern look on my face everyday all day long. Are they even listening? Feels like I’m the only one not winning the battle.

We always have a busy, noisy and chaotic house. They are forever fighting over toys; another times they play together like angels. I love the fact that they have to learn to share although the winner ends up with the object. I try not to interfere all the time. They always find a way to solve and understand their rival and love relationship with each other.

Tantrums fits as terrible as they are, are also the cutest thing to watch. The expressions on their little faces are classic. Them trying to make sense of their unfamiliar and new emotions in the only what they know. Throwing a tantrum! I try not to laugh out loud otherwise they might think …. “This is fun, mom approves of this! We can take it up a notch!”

My tips to surviving pre stage tantrums:

Stay calm

Honestly there is no need to go crazy with your kids. Well easier said than done. Sometimes I scream just as hard, while they doing it, than they look at me as if “woman get your act together what’s up with you”. It helps to get my frustrations out too … than I stay calm.

Try not to be to strict

Boys are so busy all the time, exploring, creating and getting up to mischief. I allow them to make noice, a mess and let them play rough for a while. How else are they going to learn.

Distract them

Taking away a dangerous object is our NO 1 cause of tantrums in this house. When I take something away I start to clap my hands and make funny noices. This does take the edge away than I give a suitable toy. I’m a magician. Woola!

Time out

The boys sleep once a day, after the nap it’s a long time for both of them and Mom until bedtime. We have time out half way through the day when things just escalate for no reason. They get put in their cots with a soft toy, and music. They normally play and talk like this for about 1 hour and we are all refreshed after.

Outdoor fun

Being cooped up in the house can make anyone frustrated, we go out just around the house. Away from the tv and phones. We like feeding the fish in our village pound.

The park, local swimming pool and play dates with friends are great for burning extra energy off.

Show that you love them

Cuddle time and one on one with the boys is a great stress reliever. We roll around in the floor, play hide and seek behind the curtains and “I’m coming chasing game!” The sound of their squeels and laughter is medicine for my soul.

Any suggestions out their that you have tried and tested? Please share with us.


Jacqui 💕


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