Preparing for long haul trip with babies

We were so excited for our long awaited holiday to Botswana (Southern Africa). The last time I went home was in 2014 and that was without kids. We set sail Sunday 23 September.

The last time we had a family trip was our holiday to Texas in December 2016 christmas-in-canada and travelling-with-twins

This year traveling with 15 months olds twins was so busy. They love running around and don’t like to be restricted. We were in for some serious flight time.

Even just for a day out preparing for babies is crucial. Now for a twelve hour flight basically the same but on a much bigger scale.

Carry on luggage

This bag is what will keep you sane on your flight. Make sure you think about what is really necessary and what is extra. You have a limit on carry on. For twins it was a heavy bag.

They are on formula and solids. On board they will have more formula than at home as preparing food 30 0000ft is a challenge. We measured the milk in easy dispenser containers and had eight bottles prepared.

Mineral water for the bottles

Hipp jar foods

Easy sachets pureed fruits.

Finger snacks


Wet Wipes

Warm jumper as it gets cold on board sometimes.

Grow bag for sleeping, they are used to sleeping in these sleeping bags so anything that will keep them comfortable and you stress free is necessary.



We put some extra nappies and formula in our hand luggage just in case needed.


You can’t go wrong with sets.. A t-shirt and shorts…. that a complete outfit. I am an overpacker generally, we were away for 21 days. Botwana weather is generally hot in summer but we went in Spring so it can be still a little chilly in the mornings and evenings but definitely cold when you sit at the back of a safari vehicle.

Packing for twins:

5 x 2 sets short and t’ s

4 long pants

4 long sleeve onesie

2 pairs of sandles

2 pairs of sneakers

6 sleeping jumpsuits

2 baby grow bags

2 jackets

6 pairs of socks

We included their medicines, lotions, sunscreen, mosquito stray, Panadol, plasters, baby toothpaste, toothbrushes. These basic essentials are important for the next morning when you have arrived and unfamiliar with your surroundings, but also handy in emergencies.

Making a list will keep you organize and will make sure you do not forget anything. Remember on the day of travel it can be crazy and this list will be a lifesaver.

On my list I had;


Fligh tickets

Our luggage

Baby luggage

Baby carrying on luggage

2 x babies

2 x travel cots

2 x car seats

1 x double stroller

Honestly is so easy and very possible to forget something in the hast of it all.

PS!!! We forgot the babies luggage. They traveled only with the clothes they had on their backs. It was a rat’s race to buy them emergency clothes for their safari holiday. 😉

Love 💕


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