Recap for 2017

Wow here we are at the doorstep of 2018. Just like all the years before 2017 disappeared so quickly and yet so slowly. Time for our new year resolutions, new beginnings and a fresh start.

2017 has been a productive and good year for us. There were not so good times now and than but when one reminisce you hardly remember the down times.

1) The boys are healthy, their development for preemie babies are on track.

Their attics and individual personalities are such a joy to our family.

2) Graham had his colostomy bag removed after coping with it for almost 3 years.

Honestly I don’t know he sometimes managed but he wore it with pride and made a lot of people including myself aware of gastroenteritis so many people suffer from this decease and the only option of comfort they have is to have a colostomy bag. In some cases like his it was temporarily but in a lot of instances it is a permanent way of life.

We are so happy he can go about doing his business “normal” way now

3) I had an operation to remove my high calcium glands that’s located on my thyroid. The result my parathyroidism is now completely cured

4) I started my small hair salon business in February. With dedication and hard work it is paying of now. I have so many happy clients and their amazing word of mouth advertising is taking Aphrodite hair and makeup to bigger and better opportunities!

I am so grateful for all your support my valued clients.

5) Double trouble coping with twins blog is presenting me with new opportunities, I’m not letting the cat out of the bag yet, but I am seriously excited and a bit anxious about our new adventures for 2018.

6) We have past the 7 year anniversary mark in our marriage.

7) I passed my Hong Kong driving license. It took a while but it’s done and dusted and I have it in my pocket.

8) We were able to take the boys to Botswana to meet their extended family. It was a great and overwhelming time home. Memories to be treasured forever.

9) We are still so lucky to have both my parents and grandparents to our children good, healthy and still with us! Praying for Gods mercies upon them for ever.

10) Everyday when I open the news I read about trauma, destruction, hate, death it’s such a sad reality. So many innocent people are living in the mist of this terrible happenings. We are living in a safe bubble in Hong Kong. We are indeed lucky to be safe.

Wishing all my friends, family, readers a ……………..


Love 💕


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