Self reflection

Hello dear readers

What inspires me, I ask myself this question often.

What fulfil me?

What motivates me?

How am I inspiring others…

Challenging questions when you think of them as we do not often think of ourselves in this way when you have a career, family and obligations that takes priority.

I am a hairstylist and as a creative person how do I make a difference in someone’s life?

Sometimes I think it needs be mind blowing events, but in reality a smile to a stranger can made all the difference their their life.

I remember while shopping one day someone complimented the necklace I had I my basket, she like to so much that she got one too. Did I inspire her, did she inspire me? YES! This piece of object have a happy moment attached to it. Two strangers had a connection that moment.

Bright pink in colour it brings a smile on my face everytime i wear it, and I always get compliments for it and i hope this lady has the same feeling.

We are nearing the end of the year and taking audits of our lives and achievements is common this time. I am looking at myself to see what I have learned, experienced, loved and what motivated and inspired me in 2017.


Jacqui 💕

One thought on “Self reflection

  1. skepticalmommy says:

    Thats good thing Jacqui.
    We really need to inspire each other.
    Being nice to someone would not cost you anything but will make you feel appreciated and cared.
    Hope you had a great day!

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