Social media ….. do my kids feed my addiction

Social media has taken over our daily lives. Being without a phone, labtop, iPad is almost like your arm has been cut off. Feeding the addiction of just one more picture opload than the high of the beep sound when someone somewhere like your post …. all fireworks happens when they actually comment on your post. The instant gratification and quick fix we thrive for.

Gone are they days when we read a book or air freshener containers during loo time. Gone are the days when we could ask someone for directions because Google maps does it better.

Yes I am guilty of being addicted to my phone, social media. My kids and their darn cuteness are my motivation. We have an Facebook page, Instagram page, Twitter page, inactive YouTube account. I mean they are everywhere. When does it stop when connections are through a profile picture than active human interaction these days.

Once the kids are in bed, house quiet, we can spend time as a couple but our phones are right there within arm’s reach. Keeping up with the online community, family and friends far away, Facebook just seems to close that gap. My family can see my kids grow up on our daily updates. No need to phone call a long lost friend because clicking on their profile you can instantly see what they had for breakfast. Yes we are guilty of living online more than we are capable to admit.

Honestly writing a blog you add your personal life into words, expose yourself. It’s scary telling people your feelings, secrets and not so impressive sides.

I make time spending quality time with the boys and friends a priority. Where do I find the time to work part-time, update my blog and spend time with the kids. Motherhood is already crazy without additional stuff. In Hong Kong we have the luxury of a full time helper.

Quality time to oneself is just as important as spending time with family. I like to mess around on social media updating our social life. My phone is on 24/7.

I sometimes I don’t notice my kids eyes when they look up from playing. Looking for attention, recognition and interaction because mom is occupied with her phone. Yes I’m guilty.

I just asked a mom for advice to keep my kids entertained on our 12 hour flight going Botswana and she suggested so many online games especially for babies. When we need time to eat, shower and do chores around the house we put them in front of the TV or their iPad. Just to breath because it is full on with young kids. Kids start so young with their online life that it becomes second nature once they are older.

I do actively try to put my phone away and appreciate what is in front of me. I do succeed a lot of times other times my addiction gets the better of me.

Let’s look up from our phones.

Love 💕


4 thoughts on “Social media ….. do my kids feed my addiction

  1. adventuresofabusymomcom says:

    That temptation is so strong. I struggle daily with unplugging myself. In fact, I caught myself getting mad at my son for going off playing before I had a chance to double check his homework (which is our house rule.) He said, “Mom! I gave it to you 5 minutes ago.” Sure enough, it was sitting right on my lap and I didn’t notice. 😦 It made me want to cry that I allowed myself to get so “cracked out” on my phone that I missed that interaction with him when he brought it to me. Thank you for the reminder to unplug more often!

    • Doubletroublecopingwithtwins says:

      We are all guilty of that. It’s so easy to get absorbed into this device. we have to keep strong and refuse at times!
      Thank you for ready. Hope the Christmas preparations are goin well. 😚

  2. endardoo says:

    It’s a Catch 22: we need time to think and reflect to make us truly available to others, especially our kids. If you weren’t blogging and doing things for yourself you would be resentful towards the kids, and not as positively engaged as you are when you are content in yourself. So both are important! I think even being properly aware of the situation gives you the insight to find the balance that works for you

    • Doubletroublecopingwithtwins says:

      I totally agree there, we just need to find the balance as an individual. Thank you for reading.

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