We did pay $120 000 (US$16 000) for our IVF procedure and replaced two embryos with the hope that both will turn into babies. So you can say we that we have known from the start the possibility of having twins, double the trouble and double the fun! My little people are turning 6 months, on the 9 November, I can’t believe, time just disapeared. (Sounds cliche)! Six months of pure joy, happiness, sometimes tiredness, occasional frustration but never a moment of boredom! We celebrated with a picnic in the park.


Beautiful weather, good food and good company. Time that I will not exchange for anything else!

Just this past Sunday 13 th November we had the baptism for the boys, what an extraordinary experience it was.


The service was great and the social gathering afterwards was awesome! We pray that God guide and protect my little angels till eternity. So much is happening so soon, that’s why am so grateful that I have started this blog journal to keep records, so one day my babies can enjoy their notebook.

By by now we have mastered our survival skills coping with twins.

  1. We have invested in a TOMMY TIPPEE WATER DISPENSER that gets the water just the right temperature for the bottles, having two hungry and screaming babies is hardcore.
  2. We also got absolutely amazing MAM BOTTLES Especially when the boys were newborn theses bottles helped reduce air swallowed by them, it made burping easy and getting rid of unwanted gas.
  1. We make sure to each get enough rest, in Hong Kong we are fortunate to have Thess our full-time live-in helper. So between me, my husband and her we have a rock solid system…

During the day Thess and I jointly take care of the babies, Graham gets home from work at 6pm.

We have dinner than from 8pm till midnight he is on baby duties. Thess and I go to bed to rest. I am then on duty from midnight till 6am, at which Thess gets up to look after them.

  1. Babies sleep in their own room, tightly swaddled for a 3 hour peaceful sleep.
  2. Both babies sleep at the same time and wake at approximately the same time.
  3. Screenshot_20170904-134730.jpg
  1. If one wakes up for a feeding, no 2 gets woken up for a synchronised schedule.
  1. Me time is a priority, taking care of ourselves ensures that we give the boys quality time!
  1. Social events with other moms and babies.
  1. Preparing in advance in important.
  1. A glass of wine now and than is essential.
  1. Just having fun with our cute guys is food for the soul. The love is overwhelming, theirs smiles are heartwarming and their cuddles are the snuggliest.

These rule are subject to change without notice at times!


Jacqui 💕

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