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That Mama that seems to make it all look so easy.

When you have children there is never not busy moment unless of course they are asleep. There is also the Mama that can’t be still even if she has the opportunity to be still. Your head is always planning. The next meal. The next play date, work, husband it carries on the whole day. As […]

7 Tips to a successful business for Mumtrepreneurs

1) Love your job so that it feel like a you doing your hobby everyday. I am an entrepreneur by heart. I absolutely love managing Aphrodite hair and makeup . It honestly gives me the greatest satisfaction that I am succeeding at what I love doing. 2) Represent your company with pride. Now with a […]


Growing up, I did not even realise that there was a thing called depression. Usually in African culture, depression does not exist, as no one talks about it, or admits to it’s existence. It is seen as a weakness, so suffering alone is the done thing. My first experience with depression first hand, was early […]


Last night was Graham’s turn to pull an all nighter, looking after the boys. We have our own schedule, to make the situation the best, in  taking care of the boys, so that each of us to has adequate rest, and that we do not go crazy. These cuties are surely growing up, no more […]

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