That Mama that seems to make it all look so easy.

When you have children there is never not busy moment unless of course they are asleep. There is also the Mama that can’t be still even if she has the opportunity to be still. Your head is always planning. The next meal. The next play date, work, husband it carries on the whole day.

As a working Mom, with twins I always get ask how do I manage? Having a domestic helper in Hong Kong makes life easier. She helps take care of the kids, cooking and cleaning. This way I can work and help contribute financially to the household.

My plate is always full. It’s driving my husband crazy but that’s just how I function. Running my own small business, keeping up double trouble coping with twins social media platforms, I wrote a kids book that’s now getting illustrated, I love having stalls at Sunday markets, I take the kids to their play groups, doctors appointments and I love shopping so how can you make it look so easy Jacqui?

When you love doing something it does not feel like work. It’s what keep you motivated. It keeps you alive and it gives you sanity. I can do a lot of things but cooking and household are not my strong points.

As a hairstylist I get so many Moms sitting in my chair, woman that I admire or that inspire me. Woman that don’t think they can manage but when I talk to them, I am in awe of the courage. That Mama that lost her son and that struggled so much with her loss is now pregnant with her little angel. That Mama who’s young son has cancer. That Mama that’s giving up so much to look after her elderly parents. That Mama that is going through a divorce. That stay at home Mom. That Mama that is so tired and feels unappreciated. That Mama that’s so excited finally got that promotion.

Yes, I’m talking about that ordinary Mama that just seem to make it look so easy but she does not realise that. It’s when we look in from the outside, it look like someone else is coping better than we do. No they don’t! You just become an expert in you own situation and survival, that way it becomes easy.

Strength comes in so many forms. Strength come from support and encouragement. Strength comes when someone acknowledge you. When your kids gives you tightest hugs, when your husband really sees you and when your hair and nails looks good too! . When you are a strong, confident woman we make everything look so easy.

Love 💕


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