The boys first Scottish holiday

Honestly I am soooo happy to be away from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong. We love HK, but at times the busyness of life just gets overwhelming. We have been looking forward to Scotland for a while and now that we here it’s a total bliss! I left my stress on the plane when I disembarked.

We arrived on Thursday, and the gods has been kind to us! Gorgeous weather, crispy fish and chips suppers, golden brown haggis and black pudding breakfast and don’t get me started on the delicious real cream chocolate eclairs!

The boys met their Aunts Fiona and Susan, Uncle Rob and cousins Angus, Mary, Archie for the first time. Thank you Grandpa Tony for being out guardian angel here in Scotland. We know you would have loved to meet and cuddle us, but Daddy gives really good hugs because you were a great dad to him. RIP.

This is also Tess our domestic helper first time in Scotland. She had been helping us look after the boys since they arrived home from the NICU on 2016. She is definitely the second mother to my boys and when I’m at work I completely trust her with our most precious monkeys. Seeing her as one of our family we love to take Tess on our family holidays. Let her experience all the wonderful countries as a reward for the amazing work she does for us! Last year she was in Botswana, in Africa my hometown.

Tess’s UK visa actually got rejected but by the determination of my husband and support by the local Peebles community in Scotland we got her visa approved a few days before departure.

We have a busy schedule planned ahead. At the moment we are staying in the beautiful Seton Sands of caravan park. Fitting with everything you need, the boys love running around barefeet on the grass. Neighbours sitting outside their homes red like lobsters in this unusual Scottish summer.

Yesterday we were at Five Sisters Zoo and had an awesome day. A definite must try if you ever come visit the Borders of Scotland.

Being the babies in the family Mary is taking her big sister duties very seriously and whether the boys like it or not they are in for lot of cuddles and PDA on this trip!

Looking forward to keeping you updated on our Scottish holiday family holiday.

Love 💕


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