We have been spoiled in the past traveling alone, pack your bags, make very sure you have your passport and tickets, then wait for your time to leave home for the airport. Yes life was simple, unfuzzed and relaxed than. Traveling with 7 month old twin babies is a complete different ballgame. Now we have little people that need two car seats, a double stroller, check-in luggage and a carry-on nappy bag packed to the rim with bottles of boiled water to last the entire 13 hour flight traveling from Hong Hong to Dallas USA. So many nappies and still I’m praying for no accidents, where we have poo up their backs and everywhere else.

We made it through the waiting time, check-in and boarding. They boys were charming and smiling making it looks so easy to have twins out and about an airport roaming with people. We were lucky to fly business class. Oh that full flat chair was luxury, and the boys fitted in perfectly next to us, goodness me, it will be hard going back to cattle class in the future. Graham had Braedan as his flight companion and I had Lachlan. He reckoned that I have a preconceived plan to hand him Braedan as he is known to be the child that can test your patience. But my boys were so well behaved and sleeping that some passengers didn’t even know there was twins on board until we disembarked.

Arriving in Dallas we realised that the rented car was to small to accommodate the boys and our luggage so we upgraded. That seemed fit because while Graham was driving I saw on a advertising board “if your sauce was any bigger, we would call it Texas”! So we followed the Texan tradition and got a big car that has some balls on it.


Time at my sisters place is just disappearing. I had my spareribs fix and Graham had a wish for a big Danny’s dinner pancake breakfast. Heart attack on a plate for sure! My brother-law who is a born Texan said “if it ain’t big, it will not sell”!




I am so happy that she saw the boys now healthy and strong because the last time she saw them they were just born and so fragile in the NICU with tubes on their little bodies. We are truly blessed to be able to spend part this festive holidays with family and friends in Texas.

Be blessed guys!

Merry Christmas!


Jacqui 💕

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