Last night was Graham’s turn to pull an all nighter, looking after the boys. We have our own schedule, to make the situation the best, in  taking care of the boys, so that each of us to has adequate rest, and that we do not go crazy. These cuties are surely growing up, no more endless sleeps. We thought this was easy; feed, poop and sleep! A few months later at 4 months, we have changed our minds!

They have their little united connection that makes everything fun in baby land. The cooing noises, screeching, smiling, looking at each other, and the holding hands. “Wow I have my partner in crime next to me, my genetic soulmate” I am not sure they know what that means yet but they are definitely united by their special bond.

We  need our own connections in our  daily lives, love and support.  Be it with your husband, family, friends. Without it we are basically lifeless. We feed off human interaction, to keep us sane. When we are united, we become stronger. We can withstand lifes hurdles, and we can overcome the impossible.  Sometimes (like Braedan) we have a bit of dribble on our face, but your bestie’s will encourage rather than discourage, blame, criticise.

They will wipe of the tears and move on together. We are united to all the unknown mom’s worldwide because we understand without knowing the details.  The courage a mother has to love, protect, support across the globe and still keep it together to look fabulous……makes us ALL SUPERWOMAN!!!!!


Jacqui 💕

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