How did we manage when I look back over the past year?! It just feel like yesterday we brought back our bundles of joy from the hospital. All of a sudden we are heading for 14 months as parents. We took our mission very seriously! At 1 year and two months our boys are strong, healthy, funny, intelligent and so loveable! The good thing about social media these guys grew up in front of you all, they become our babies because with all the support, comments, words of wisdom and the not so wise words was a tremendous help along the way.

Honestly there is no magic or right way for raising our kids, we sometimes guessed, googled, asked and fumbled at this thing called parenting but we survived! My words of wisdom is to just trust in your ability to make the best decisions that suits your own family. Yes I’ve cried with my boys on their trips to hospital. Oh God and there were a few when they make turns to get sick.

I have been overwhelmed with pride at their progress and milestones and US as their parents when made sure we are happy. Ultimately it’s us that keeps this family together and strong. We make sure to kiss, give wholesome hugs and making each other feel secure. Sure there are times we frustrate the shit out of each other and times when you had to be the first to apologise. Juggling work and taking care of a family, finances and all the adult things in life, when your head hits the pillow with exhaustion and all thoughts of sex are postponed till maybe tomorrow!

Tomorrow morning we wake up and we hear these brothers having their morning conversations, they giggle and scream. That is my lifeline to surviving kids the first year. The moments when they make your heart feel too small for all the love you have for them.

My 10 very low standard survival kit.

1) Having my partner by my side makes all the up and downs exciting. This dude is the first person I want to tell any good or not so good news. Having someone to encourage and support you is my no 1 survival trick. We are definitely proud parents!


2) I’m happy when I have my boys are round for any dates or celebrations.


3) Me time with the boys. I know I spend a lot of time with them when daddy is at work, I should be used it by now……… but don’t we just look awesome together!


4) Getting outdoors for some fresh air.


5) Turning my back on negativity. I am most critical of myself, my body image, confidence, non achievements all the internal war that can keep me from reaching my goals but looking forward to amazing things is my goal.


6) Mom’s night out. It does not happen often but it’s great fun to pretend for just a few hours I’m child and husband free.


7) Bare bottom days at the beach! Nothing more relaxing than lazing around (oops not anymore) by the ocean.


8) Big giant smiley days. Ordinary days when happiness is here!


9) When these guys look at me with eyes full of love ❤️ or probably wanting food!


10)Thinking of times I spend with my siblings annoying each other!


We were so lucky Braedan me Lachlan were easy babies or am I trying to forget the down times! There were learning curves and which made us stronger! Never mind – I choose only to remember the good times for now. I keep my goals or what makes me happy, simple and reachable! This way small things happening with this pair, is a good day!


Jacqui 💕

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